How to Properly Wear Cock Rings

The cock ring or penis ring is one of the simplest sex toys to use. Encouraging the flow of blood to the penis, it can help give you harder erections, make your pleasure last and increase your chances of reaching orgasm. It is for this reason that the cock ring is so successful with couples!

Enough about women, let’s talk today about the favorite sex toy for men, intended to maintain the erection and delay ejaculation, the cock ring or the vibrating ring which increases manhood and pleasure while giving pleasure to his partner .

The ring blocks the blood in the penis preventing it from leaving, the veins protrude, the glans swells and your organ actually becomes larger.

The penis and the glans being better irrigated, the pleasure felt is exacerbated thus offering you orgasms of a higher quality to you and your partner since the cockring allows you to have a harder erection longer.

The ring still has an advantage, ejaculation is slower to come because the base of your penis is compressed thus giving your partner time to reach orgasm, see several orgasms…

A penis ring is also a beautiful object that makes your penis more beautiful to look at, thanks to the cock ring it looks longer and bigger.

The cock rings with plug or anal rosary to excite you to the maximum.

Rings with an extension that will press on the perineum to give even more pleasure to the wearer

There is the cock ring which has a built-in counter allowing you to know the number of back and forth as well as the amount of calories burned during the act! In addition, and fortunately … it is vibrant to give more pleasure to your partner.

How to use it?

Be aware that the ring will not give you an erection but it will strengthen the ones you have naturally.

It is preferable to have the area shaved or with very short hairs to prevent them from getting caught, which would make the start of your first experience very unpleasant!

Place the ring at the base of the penis when the sex is at rest.

If you choose a ring for the penis and testicles pass the penis and testicles in it.

If you wish, the cock ring obviously does not prevent you from wearing a condom, the cock ring has no contraceptive or protective effect!

Once in place, when you are erect it will slow down the venous return, preventing blood from flowing out of the penis allowing you to keep a more stable and rigid erection, your pleasure will be prolonged and your chances and those of your partner. reaching orgasm will be much increased.

Important! the right size:

First choose if you prefer to wear the ring only on the shaft of the penis or also enclose the testicles there.

  • You must be in full erection
  • Take a light colored cord with which you grip the base of your penis, making sure that it is neither relaxed nor too tight.
  1. 2b) if you choose a “penis and testicles” ring, measure the part very close to the body which includes your penis and your testicles, all against the belly, behind the testicles.
  • With a marker note the 2 ends where your cord meets.
  • Measure this length, which represents the circumference, which you will then divide by 3.14 to obtain the diameter
  • The ideal diameter should be reduced by 0.5cm, depending on the pressure you want.

It is very important to have the right size because if it is too large it will be useless and if it is too small it may injure you.

It is best to start by buying several to test the perfect size that suits you or choose an adjustable one. Here are more options that you can browse, and may help you decide when buying one.

When is the best time to put on the cock ring?

It is best to put on the penis ring if the penis is not yet erect or only half erect. The reason is very simple: the ring should fit snugly around the link afterwards. If the penis is already fully erect, it is quite difficult to put on the penis ring at all, so using it is almost impossible.

In addition, the cock ring, also called cock ring, is supposed to prevent the backflow of blood. It is therefore important that the ring is still loose at first; then the blood flows into the limb and the penis ring is tight – so that the desired blood congestion arises.

It is the same with removing the penis ring. If the limb is relaxed again, it can be easily removed

Penis ring and condom? So it works without problems

The use of a condom with a penis ring is largely unproblematic and even advantageous under certain circumstances.

Whoever uses a penis ring for the first time often wonders: first put on the condom or penis ring? Does the cock ring belong above or below the condom? How do you start so that the cock ring or cock ring protects the condom safely?

Whoever puts on the condom first has the additional advantage that the penis ring also holds the condom in place. This variant of use therefore offers additional security.

So first put on the condom and then over the condom the cock ring.

There are also condoms with an “integrated penis ring”. Ultimately, that doesn’t mean much other than that these condoms have a reinforced rolled rim.

This is certainly nice for beginners when it comes to penis rings as a “penis ring for beginners” and also has a certain effect, but these condoms cannot replace a real penis ring. In some cases, sets consisting of a penis ring and a condom, more precisely: condoms and a reusable penis ring, are also offered.

How long can you wear a cock ring?

How long to wear the penis ring – many men wonder; but some don’t even worry about it and use the ring like an accessory around the clock.

But what is right now?

The answer is very clear: a penis ring may be worn for a maximum of 30 minutes. Everything about it can quickly become dangerous.


Very simple: The penis ring is said to cause blood congestion; if he does this for too long, the tissue is “overwhelmed” and can be damaged.

8 Ways to Have Crazy-Hot Quiet Sex

When you’re in the mood but don’t want to wake the neighbors (or roommates, house guests, or your kids).

The rhythmic squeaks of a bed frame, the buzz of a vibrator, moans and howls of satisfaction—good sex can be a symphony of sounds. But if you live in a apartment with thin walls, have neighbors within earshot, or share your space with roommates, light sleepers, or small children, the noises that happen while you rock the sheets become problematic.

So how can you dial down the racket while still keeping intimate moments hot and satisfying? We spoke to sex experts, who shared their favorite tips.

Make quiet sex a game

Turn the quest for quieter sex into a contest: Who can stay silent the longest? “Quiet sex play can make the situation innately sexy and intimate between partners,” says Sunny Rodgers, clinical sexologist, certified sex coach, and ACS-certified sex educator. “You’re instantly co-conspirators in a common plot, which is great for bonding.”

Part of the contest is to see who can come up with more new and adventurous silent-sex strategies—from sex toys to role-playing scenarios—to find the hottest and least noisy options, recommends sex educator and relationship counselor Kait Scalisi, MPH. Keep the lights on in the bedroom, so you can get visual feedback rather than listening for it.

Breathe through your nose

It’s quieter to breathe through your nose than your mouth. And nose-breathing will improve your sexual experience, too. “[Breathing through your nose] changes the way your pelvic floor and diaphragm engage, making pleasure and orgasm feel different,” says Scalisi. It can be difficult to keep your mouth shut at the point of no return, we get it. But if you have to exhale, at least do it without using your vocal cords.

Get the right bed

“If you can, invest in a mattress without springs, as it won’t creak as much,” says Scalisi. (Pillow-top or memory foam mattresses fit the bill.) “For a more affordable option, try going old-school. Pile pillows and blankets on the floor and get sexy in your personal love nest,” adds Rodgers.

Skip the headboard entirely, recommends Scalisi, and be strategic about the bed’s location. Keep it away from the wall (to reduce thuds) and don’t place it on top of creaky boards. Put a rug underneath it, and tighten every screw in your bed frame to curb creaks and groans.

Do it in a different room—or in the shower

The bedroom isn’t the only place for intimacy. Scalisi recommends getting it on in areas of your home that are out of earshot of house guests, roommates, kids, and neighbors. Another idea: Take the action to the shower. “The spray of water can provide a muffling background to sexy noises,” says Rodgers.

Opt for a quieter vibrator

When you switch on your vibrator, does it buzz like a lawnmower? Go with a rechargeable variety if you want to reduce that noise, says Rodgers. “Battery-operated and electric motors tend to be louder than motors charged by a rechargeable lithium battery,” she says. She recommends the We-Vibe Touch ($50; and Minna Limon ($119; as two less noisy options. You can also muffle a loud toy but using it under pillows or blankets, she adds.

Indulge in slow-motion sex moves

“Slow, intimate sex play leads to smoldering moans,” Rodgers says, rather than loud screams. As you reach orgasm and feel that familiar need to shout your pleasure, fight the urge and bite your hand, kiss your partner passionately, or cover your mouth, she suggests. These body actions will let your partner know just how incredible you feel; they (and the rest of the neighborhood) just won’t hear it.

Invest in a white-noise machine

It may not sound sexy, but one of these gizmos will cancel out any noises you make. A white sound machine “can provide a nice background that can be increased in volume to provide a bit of discreet cover,” says Rodgers. Or download a white-noise app on your phone, ask Alexa to play ambient noise, or turn on a slow-jam playlist without a thumping bass, which might annoy the roommate who shares your bedroom wall even more than your moans.

Try these sound-muffling sex positions

These four positions are crazy sexy, but they’ll help you keep the noise down.

Spooning. Any position that doesn’t require much movement helps reduce sound, points out Scalisi. Spooning is one of the most intimate sex positions, but the closeness doesn’t come from fast thrusting. Plus, it’s easy to speak softly to each other when you spoon, since your mouths are so close. “Keeping sexual intensity at a whisper is incredibly hot,” says Rodgers.

69. Sure it can be awkward, but what better way is there to keep your mouths busy? You can do it on your sides, or one partner can be on top. Oral sex in general is a good option for quiet sex—just make sure the receiving partner is prepared to muffle sounds in a pillow or towels, or by biting down on their hand.

Doggy style. With your partner hovering over you and your body close to the bed, you can press your face into the mattress or a pillow, so your ooh ooh oohs are less audible, suggests Scalisi. To keep it even quieter, avoid thrusting. “Have the receiving partner rotate their hips and move their booty up and down, says Scalisi, while the giver remains still.

A twist on missionary. Keep it slow, slow, slow by using the coital alignment technique, suggests Scalisi. How to do: Recline on your back and have your guy enter you from above, your pelvises lined up so his erect penis can rub and stroke your clitoris each time he thrusts in and out. “It’s great for stimulating the clitoris and lets you be close together so you can whisper sweet—or dirty—nothings to each other,” says Scalisi.

All of these can be more erotic with butt plugs.

Why Silent Sex Is Awesome

Until I first watched porn, I didn’t realize making noise during sex was a thing. All my masturbation sessions were silent, and I’d never felt a need to make a peep. But when I started hooking up with partners, I came to feel like having silent sex wasn’t an option.

I’d see the expectant look in their eyes, asking “am I doing it right?” I knew they wanted the answer to be “yes,” so I’d moan and groan to show my gratitude. But instead of helping me communicate, sex noises disconnected me from my partners. They weren’t always genuine, and even if I truly was enjoying myself, expressing it that way didn’t feel true to me.

It wasn’t until I got to know my current partner that I gave myself permission to turn down the volume. He’s quiet himself, and I realized I wasn’t judging him for it. We don’t tend to judge men for this kind of thing. Double standard much? Plus, he knows what I like well enough that I don’t have to worry about guiding him with my voice. We’ve discussed the pressure I feel to put on a show, and he’s reassured me that he enjoys himself without one.

Finally, I’ve come to embrace who I am: a quiet bedfellow. I think that’s a hard realization for some people to come to — especially women, since we’re taught that our vocalizations are a turn-on and that our job is to turn on our partners. But I’ve since learned that silent sex is actually awesome, and here are five reasons why.

It Becomes All About Your Body Language

When I stopped trying to make noise in bed, it got painful just to look my partner in the eye. Awkward silences are just as uncomfortable in the bedroom as they are in conversations, it turns out. I found myself wanting to moan just to escape them.

But once I pushed through it and looked my partner in the eye, it got hot. The eye contact was intense, and our facial expressions and body language were all we needed to get our desire across (except for specific situations — see #2).

You Learn To Use Your Words

Maybe this isn’t really “silent” per say, but when you’re not relying on moans and groans to communicate, you’re forced to say what you actually mean. Talking about sex is unfortunately still embarrassing for many people, even while they’re having it, but it’s also extremely helpful.

“Oh” could mean a thousand different things, from “I’m gonna come” to “that hurts.” If you actually say “I’m gonna come” or “that hurts,” on the other hand, your partner knows exactly what’s going on and is empowered to act according to it. I think I used to rely on vague noises because I was too shy to say something felt good and too scared to say it didn’t. Now that I can say both things, there’s no ambiguity.

Silent Sex Isn’t Really Silent

When there’s not a lot of noise in your immediate surroundings, like girls enjoying the weekend with dildos or gays lounging on adult toys, your ears become more fine-turned to subtle sounds, like your partner’s breathing, your bodies grinding against each other, and the jostling of the bed. And it’s hot. There’s so much more going on when we have sex than we’re usually aware of, and with less distraction, you become more finely attuned to it.

It Takes You Out Of Your Head

A study in the Archives of Sexual Behavior found that the most common reason women make noise during sex is not because it’s all just too much for them but because they want to boost their partners’ enjoyment and self-esteem.

Now, caring about your partner’s pleasure is generally a good thing, and sometimes, acting really into it can turn yourself on. But it can also be a form of self-objectification. At least it was for me. Instead of living inside my body, I was on the outside looking in (or, in this case, listening in). When you stop caring about how you sound (or don’t sound) to your partner, you can start focusing on how you feel.

You Can Have Sex With Others In Close Proximity

This one’s pretty obvious, but being quiet in bed spares the possibility that you’ll disrupt someone’s sleep or workday. As long as you haven’t been cursed with a squeaky bed, you can have sex when you’re visiting your parents, when your roommate’s home, or anywhere at all private.

This isn’t to say that everyone should have silent sex or that loud sex can’t be awesome, too. But it is to say that you shouldn’t believe porn: Quiet sex can be hot, and you don’t have to be a noisy partner to be a desirable one.

It’s About Time You Do Silent Sex

Everyone has their own types, and one cannot love every type of porn or real life sex. Some people love videos that give pleasure with moaning and bad squeaking but some loves Silent sex; no moaning or bed is squeaking. There are many porn categories that you can enjoy if you love Silent Sex. The BDSM or the fantasy that people play doesn’t have this much of squeaking, and one can watch these categories for fun.

What is Silent Sex?

Well, the term Silent Sex is a Sexual practice that is done without making any sound. There are a lot of people who make fake noises, and this can be irritating when you know your partner is doing it all fake. However, many people love these voices while having sex and it all depends on the type of person you are and what you love.

Why People love Silent Sex?

1. Body Language Plays

Silent sex is all about your body language, and you make moves silently which feels so surreal. It is truly hot never to make that moan and just look at each other silently, and this makes much of your understanding. You will start feeling better to have Silent sex; no moaning or bed squeaking. Sometimes it will feel like you have to scream out and moan but keep it in and it will become more interesting and more fun.

2. You Learn to Play with Words

Everything becomes sexy when you are in a silent intercourse, and that feels so good. You can fully concentrate and feel your dick or your pussy going through, and that feels so hot. You will make some silent statements that also in a sexual context and accent which adds up to the silent sex. This is why people love silent sex, and it is an art to play with your words to make your partner fuck you even harder.

3. Silent Sex Isn’t Silent For Real

Well, silent sex is not silent as you still feel your body rubbing together. You will hear the choke made by your girlfriend while a blowjob or that small moans that makes it feel too good. When your guy’s cock is locked, you can also hear the clanking of the metal, especially when the woman/dominatrix has a drug-like addiction to cages.