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Q: What is this here?

A: Welcome to asilentplanet.com – your most important porn resource. 🙂 A Silent Planet is a consolidation of the most popular silent porn on the net. They are all listed in their category, ranked by traffic and quality. I guess that you will find your favorite porn there. And no – nothing more. Just a great collection of awesome porn sites.

Q: Why should I register?

A: With a registered account you are able to optimize the site, so the vids are easy to access. You will also get suggestions for porn sites people with similar favorites by mail if you want to.

Q: What about privacy?

A: Contact information may be used to communicate with you when necessary. Emails won’t be given away to anyone.

Q: I am having problems in the site. How TF can that happen?!

A: Great Scott! Immediately report this here.


Q: I don’t find my favorite torrent or sharing-site!

A: Thats not a question, but we don’t support illegal material. We want to keep this site as legal as possible.