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I Couldn’t have Begged for a Better Fuck

Written by: xSoftKittyx

I opened the door to the room and immediately saw the jacuzzi tub in the corner. It was deep and I was ready to sink into the hot water. As my friend set up the lighting I began filling the tub with water. The sound of the rushing water filled the large room, and I found myself staring at the bed, wondering how he would take me first. I always try to get my ass in the air at the edge of the bed before he can even make his own plans. I want him to fuck me so badly, to pop this overwhelming longing. I slowly look back at him and he is hard, twisting the legs of the tripod into place, carefully checking that it is level, and I am watching his strong, capable hands and I want him to grip his hard cock and come over and give me that fat shaft. He caught my eye and smiled with that devilish, smoldering look in his eye. He’s going to make me wait. He’s going to make me beg for it. I’m just a mess down there, I know it. I don’t even have to feel.

But I can’t help it. I slip my hand down under my panties and I linger on my clit for a second, not wanting to pass it up. I reluctantly slide my fingers down past my lips and into my little hole, and it’s so slippery that I slide my finger in an inch. He had to have noticed that, he knows I am dying inside. My pussy feels like it is twice its size. It feels hot and juicy and my hands are shaking and I can’t move my hand or I will moan. My finger is still an inch deep in wetness and I like it. I want to keep it there forever, to wiggle it and move it in and out. I don’t want him to know how close I am, just from the excitement. I might just close my eyes and silently orgasm. I try to take calm breaths but my chest is quivering, and I look down and my nipples are hard as fuck. My whole body is trembling, and I feel electricity in the soles of my feet. I curl my toes and it only intensifies the feelings.

The poses I have to do for the shoot are so provocative and my body feels like silk under my exploring hands. Breasts, thighs, waist, hips, ass: I touch all of it in slow, sultry motions,with pauses for the pictures. Leaning my head back, I get another long glimpse of his perfect penis and it’s still hard, and I get thrilled again. He can keep a hard on forever, he has so much control. I am going to get it tonight, look at it – it’s been hard for twenty minutes now and he’s impassive, giving me hot looks and telling me how to pose. I can feel a string of pussy juice from my labia to my inner thigh and I felt that soft spot between my pussy and my asshole twitch, and I swallowed. That swallow made me want his cock in my mouth so badly that I moaned. Please. I just want to say Please. I want to moan Please. I can feel that word on my breath but it’s inaudible. It’s a fantasy. I’m saying it in my head, in my fantasy, and he can’t hear me, so he won’t fuck me. He is going to keep telling me how to stand and how to arch my back. I have my back arched, my ass out, I am holding my lips open and I slide my finger along my clit and I moan.


He is looking at the camera, but I know he is looking at me through the camera. There is no eye contact. I want to get myself off right there, I am already so close, I moan in my fantasy, and then I say it, “Please…please…please….oh, oh, please, please fuck me, please, please…oh, please, I need you to fuck me, I…ohhhh…” And I am just shameless. I need to be fucked and I’m making that decision. I am taking that cock, I have to have it inside me, and I want it from behind and I want it now. And as I got on my knees on the edge of the bed, with my ass in the air, I bury my face in my panties while he thrusts his cock inside of me. The intense feeling of being filled so quickly and deeply by him made me gasp and I let out a deep groan and sunk my face into the bed and let him pound me over and over.

My thighs were so tight and pinned together that they were shaking, and I started to cum when he put his strong hands on my hips as he thrust. His rhythm and pace quickened and I was breathing hard, trying to control myself, trying to let my orgasm match his movements. I felt out of control and and pulled my ass up closer to him so he could fuck me deeper. It was overwhelming, and my gasps and moans were turning into a higher pitch. I arched my back, and arched my feet, and my pussy started to tighten. The tension in my body built to a crescendo as I begged to be fucked harder. I am cumming so hard and so violently that I beg him to cum inside of me, and I can hear his groans. I know I am so tight and wet inside and I know he can feel the spasms inside of me, the spasms around his cock. I am sucking his cock with my pussy, and his in-and-out rhythm combined with the tightness of my vagina, was making a satisfying sucking sound. His warm hands were gripping my tiny waist, and he was roughly groping my hips and slapping my right butt cheek. The orgasms came again in waves, starting inside of me at my G-spot and spasming into my clit and asshole. His cock was so hard it felt like a giant dildo, I was trying to catch my breath and gasping and he was fucking me and fucking me over and over and the sound of skin slapping together and groaning was delicious. I wish I had a cock to suck while I was being fucked tonight. My oral fetish was on overdrive and the only way I could handle the desperate need to suck was to put my fingers in my mouth. I could taste my juices on my fingers and I came again, and pressed my face into the pillow and let out a loud “Please….!” He thrust his shaft inside of me deeper than deep and his cock throbbed as he shot cum against the walls of my pussy. I could feel each squirt, they were so powerful and strong. The feeling of having a deep cum inside of me gets me off and satisfies me like nothing else. I couldn’t have begged for a better fuck.

I thank him and slowly roll over and rub my inner thighs as I continue to feel the waves of orgasm. Curling my toes, arching my feet, tightening my legs and buttocks make me cum again and as I relax I feel the tug of the bed, and I curl up next to him and watch him fall asleep before I drift off.