It’s About Time You Do Silent Sex

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Everyone has their own types, and one cannot love every type of porn or real life sex. Some people love videos that give pleasure with moaning and bad squeaking but some loves Silent sex; no moaning or bed is squeaking. There are many porn categories that you can enjoy if you love Silent Sex. The BDSM or the fantasy that people play doesn’t have this much of squeaking, and one can watch these categories for fun.

What is Silent Sex?

Well, the term Silent Sex is a Sexual practice that is done without making any sound. There are a lot of people who make fake noises, and this can be irritating when you know your partner is doing it all fake. However, many people love these voices while having sex and it all depends on the type of person you are and what you love.

Why People love Silent Sex?

1. Body Language Plays

Silent sex is all about your body language, and you make moves silently which feels so surreal. It is truly hot never to make that moan and just look at each other silently, and this makes much of your understanding. You will start feeling better to have Silent sex; no moaning or bed squeaking. Sometimes it will feel like you have to scream out and moan but keep it in and it will become more interesting and more fun.

2. You Learn to Play with Words

Everything becomes sexy when you are in a silent intercourse, and that feels so good. You can fully concentrate and feel your dick or your pussy going through, and that feels so hot. You will make some silent statements that also in a sexual context and accent which adds up to the silent sex. This is why people love silent sex, and it is an art to play with your words to make your partner fuck you even harder.

3. Silent Sex Isn’t Silent For Real

Well, silent sex is not silent as you still feel your body rubbing together. You will hear the choke made by your girlfriend while a blowjob or that small moans that makes it feel too good. When your guy’s cock is locked, you can also hear the clanking of the metal, especially when the woman/dominatrix has a drug-like addiction to cages.