Quiet Sex Tips (Because your childhood bedroom isn’t soundproof)

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Going back to visit the parental unit solo and bringing your partner back with you are two very different adventures. When you go back on your own, all you really have to think about is how to endure the pampering treatment your parents will probably put in effect as soon as you get to their front door.

With a partner, however, you have to think about so much more. First of all, if you’re going back for an extended visit (longer than two or three days), you need to consider how the visit will affect your sex life.

Yup, having sex in your old childhood bedroom, more specifically in your childhood bed, won’t be an easy feat. However, the most challenging part is keeping it quiet. And that means you’ll need some pro sex tips.

Don’t worry — your resident sex expert has your back. Here are great positions that will make your sex both mind-blowing and quiet.

The Drill

Out of all the sex positions on this list, the Drill might have the best name, especially when you put it into context. “After the dinner with my parents, we’ll go up to my childhood bedroom, and I’ll drill you all night!” 

Fun, right?

Anyway, The Drill is an excellent position if you need to have sex on the down-low. It’s quite similar to the missionary position. However, the bottom partner’s legs are tightly wrapped around the top partner’s waist. This offers deep penetration and is generally more fun than the standard missionary position.

First of all, The Drill makes it easier for both partners to reach orgasm. Second, since you are face to face, you can muffle each other’s sounds. Should one of you get too loud, the other can kiss them or even choke them to shut them up. Keep in mind that both of you will just keep getting louder the closer you are to orgasm, so make a plan on how exactly you want to climax (in regards to keeping quiet, of course).

Spoons Modified

The spooning position is perfect as-is when it comes to being quiet while banging. After all, the pillows are right there, ready and willing to muffle all sounds.

However, if you’re looking for something a bit different, then try the modified spoon. If you’re on the bottom, roll your partner from the sideways position on top of yourself. This move will turn a good time into an amazing time.

When your partner lies on top of you (or the other way around, of course), you can wrap your hands around them and make the entire experience more intimate. This embrace will also help you muffle your sounds in their shoulder (or hair or arm). Not to mention, wrapping your hands around them will give you more leverage, and you can thrust up harder and go in deeper (it doesn’t matter if you’re penetrating your partner with your penis or with a strap-on. The move will work with anything).

The Jockey

The Jockey is one of the quietest positions out there. It’s similar to doggy style, except both partners are lying down. Lay your partner on their stomach with their legs outstretched and closed. To make penetration easier, put a pillow under their pelvis. 

Then, lay on top of them and penetrate them from behind. The pillow will raise the pelvis just enough to make hitting the G-spot a reality (instead of a distant dream). 

Now, at this point, both you and your partner are feeling good and having a great time. The bottom partner can’t really make that many sounds because their face is smashed into a pillow. But make sure they still have plenty of oxygen and that the position isn’t cutting their blood flow. 

If you want to make the entire thing even more pleasurable, have the bottom partner rub their clitoris while being penetrated (or better yet, do it yourself). That way, the likelihood of a blended orgasm and a night to remember increases exponentially

Here’s an article to explain more about the Jockey position.

Pearly Gates

Another play on the two most famous positions (missionary and “girl on top”) is the Pearly Gates. The top partner should rock their hips, grind them down, or move them in a circular motion. It doesn’t matter who’s on top — it will make the penetration deeper (even if you’re using a toy or a strap-on). 

And with deeper penetration comes G-spot (or P-spot) penetration. The rocking and grinding motions will make clitoral stimulation easier (if the bottom partner is a woman), and the circular motions will stimulate the entire area just right. Of course, once you actually hit the Big O, make sure to help each other keep quiet by putting a hand over the other’s mouth or letting them quietly moan into your neck or shoulders.


Girl-on-top has plenty of twists, but the Rodeo is probably a fan favorite. Some might know it as Reverse Cowgirl, but we’ve landed on the name Rodeo because it just makes the entire thing more fun.

The Rodeo includes the woman (or the partner being penetrated) being on the top but facing away from the bottom partner. So, if you’re interested in trying it out, have your partner lay on the bed (but not on the edge of the bed) and climb on top of them. While facing away from them, have them penetrate you and then just go to town.

What this position lacks in eye contact, it makes up for in versatility. It’s incredible for anal play because it allows for easier access, and it allows the partner doing the riding to stimulate their genitals with their hand. 

The Scarf

Oral is excellent when you’re trying to keep things quiet because at least one of the partners has their mouth full. If you’re the giver, grab your partner’s butt and encourage them to grind into your face. 

This will make the entire experience more intense (for both of you) and, although keeping quiet won’t be that easy for the receiver, the giver won’t be able to make a single sound.

And, to spice things up further, the one giving oral sex can finger their partner while they are going to town with their tongue and mouth. If the receiving partner is a woman, that will stimulate her G-spot and make her come more easily.

If you’re looking for more ideas on quiet sex, we can tell you that although dirty talk isn’t exactly an option (unless you gently whisper it to each other), there are plenty of other things that are on the table. Experiment, change positions, and of course, enjoy yourselves!