Silent Trend

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Silent and Intimate Sex

Men generally expect a lot from women when they work hard in bed. When the woman makes lot of noise during the act, it is like an incentive to the man.

But some women tend to be silent during the whole act. And in such cases, men wonder whether they are doing it wrong. Some men think that they are incapable of offering pleasure.

Some men even go to the extent of blaming the woman for being silent. But wait; here are some facts to know before jumping into conclusions…

Fact #1

The results of many surveys claim that not all women have the habit of making noise during the climax. So, breathe easy. It is just a habit of some and can be accepted.

Fact #2

Some women said that they moan and get excited inside but stay silent outside. They may have inhibitions or they may think that letting loose the wild side may look awkward.

Fact #3

In some cases, women are more worried whether anyone outside the room may hear the noises and feel awkward. So, they prefer silence in the bedroom.

Fact #4

Some introverts are generally silent and they have their own way of enjoying stimulation without making lot of noise. If your partner is an introvert, it is natural.

Fact #5

Upbringing could influence some women. If they are raised in a setting where making love is not discussed as an act that can be enjoyed wildly, they feel guilty to enjoy it by moaning. That is their programming.

Fact #6

At the end of the day, details don’t matter but the impact of the act matters more. As long as your partner is enjoying, you don’t need to make a fuss about it. Let her enjoy silently and continue doing your hard work.