Which Shape Of Butt Plug Is The Best For You

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If you want to maximize your backdoor pleasure or experiment with anal training, it’s essential to learn about various butt plug shapes and types. Different butt plug shapes can produce some intense and highly explosive sensations. So take a look at this article to find out which type of plug is best for you!

Why the Shape of Butt Plugs Matters

Firstly, the anal area is highly sensitive. The external and internal sphincter muscles, as well as the rectum, can respond differently to various butt plug types. That means that plugs and other anal sex toys are designed to create a diverse range of sensations.

Beaded plugs, for example, are excellent for training or for someone who prefers a larger length with a texture that gradually increases in size. Others like hollow plugs allow you to insert another toy (usually a vibrator) inside them. You could also find vibrating butt plugs or prostate massagers with remote controls for kinky and powerful orgasms. Another way is to purchase a training set like the ones from LP that can give you three sizes per set, so you can gradually adjust to a bigger size.

Additionally, since the anus is so sensitive, the variety of shapes that you can experiment with allows you to find what works best for you.


These plugs are nearly identical to anal beads. They contain several beads that increase in size. However, they have a flared base, just like standard plugs. The size growth usually occurs from the top down. That way, the toy creates intense fluctuating sensations during anal play.

Some may not have parts of different sizes, though, but simply contain multiple beads of the same diameter. Either way, small beaded silicone toys are ideal for anal beginners as well as experts. You can insert each ball at your own pace and experience various degrees of intensity.

What’s more, this type of toy is fantastic for anal pros and those who prefer the feeling of heavy fullness. Larger plugs with bigger balls and of harder material like steel are perfect for heavy and strong penetration.

Teardrop Shape

This shape is perhaps the most common and popular one. It offers a no-frills design and a size of around three to five or more inches. Depending on the material, these plugs can be soft or hard. Some of the best versions of this toy are silicone, metal, hard plastic, glass, etc.

Generally, the best feature of these plugs is their thinner girth size. That makes them ideal for first-timers.

Moreover, you can also find some variants with a more pronounced taper and a broader base for deeper sensations. Additionally, teardrop plugs are commonly part of training kits. If you are looking to train your booty for powerful penetration and anal sex with a partner, consider getting a kit with multiple sizes first.


As mentioned above, thin butt plugs are the perfect option for newbies. A classic type with a subtle taper and a thin tip is the best butt plug for sensitive folk.

If you are worried about trying a full-size plug for the first time, this shape is undoubtedly the perfect choice. Overall, thin plugs can be incredibly easy to insert. A thin taper will ensure that the plug slides in smoothly. It also minimizes any discomfort during removal.

Overall, this type of toy is ideal for masturbation and foreplay, and it can also provide additional stimulation during sex. It’s fantastic for longer use, especially if you’re plotting to walk around with one in public without anyone knowing.

Hollow Butt Plugs

Also called tunnel plugs, these types may look quite unusual to some. However, they are perfect for anyone who loves to use several toys simultaneously. Additionally, clear hollow plugs are favored by gaping enthusiasts who love to get an inside view of things.

Generally, tunnel plugs can range from small to quite big. Their primary feature is a hollow interior. In most cases, the entire length of the plug is hollow. That allows you to insert another toy inside it. Usually, people can put vibrators in to get the best of both worlds. That includes powerful penetration from the plug and toe-curling pulsations from a vibrator.

Expanding Butt Plugs

This variant offers some of unique backdoor sensations. The expanding plug doesn’t have a solid bulb; instead, it resembles a flower.

Expanding plugs are almost always crafted out of flexible materials. That means you can fold the ends of the plug together. That way, you can fold them into a standard bulb shape and insert them regularly. However, once inside, the arms will spread out slowly. That will create a unique pressure against your anal walls.


Finally, while inflatable plugs may look a bit intimidating, they are suited for all types of anal fans.

You can push an inflatable plug in just like any other. Its initial size resembles the standard toy. However, this plug contains a cavity on the inside and is entirely hollow. The toy also includes a hand pump. This pump allows you to inflate it after sliding it in. The inflatable plug can grow to massive sizes once inserted.

Generally, its inside growth offers stimulation otherwise impossible to achieve. An inflatable plug can push against the entire anal wall, which can stimulate thousands of sensitive nerves. That is a full-on, powerful feeling that is perfect for fans of deep anal, large insertions, and extreme stretching.

However, inflatable types are also suitable for beginners. They allow a gradual size increase, which means that you could use them for training too.

Can the Materials Also Affect the Way It Feels?

Like we’ve said before, you will find anal toys from all sorts of materials. The most popular ones are silicone, glass, and metal. Others, like hard plastic and jelly, are also available. While it’s crucial to choose a sturdy, reliable, and easy-to-clean material, you could also come to a decision based on the sensations a specific type can produce.

For example, metal and glass are tough materials. Metal and glass toys have lower temperatures overall, but once pushed inside, they can heat up. For instance, a diamond anal plug made of stainless steel can produce a cold sensation during insertion. But, as you slide it in, it will warm up to your internal temperature. Many people love this jump from cold to hot!

On the other hand, softer silicone materials are fantastic for a realistic and gentle feel. Additionally, they do not provide a lot of resistance during insertion. When used with a suitable water-based lubricant, silicone plugs can create a natural and highly intense sensation.

Another thing


As you have seen, butt plugs are incredibly unique, and they can massively enhance your sex life. Each shape and type will produce powerful sensations, and you should pick yours based on your needs. However, since there is such a big difference in the feeling that each type provides, we advise you to try as many as you can! So take a look at some butt plugs today, and good luck!